Matthias Jackisch asked me to make an autobiographical performance in his space Langaut in Dresden in 2005.

This self-portrait is a metaphor of my life together with the life of the planet. It takes place in total darkness. The first image is that of a starry night made with little points of light spread around the space. Slowly, elements appear. They are phosphorescent and are light with the flash of my camera, while I take pictures throughout the performance. The first element is an egg (as my birth and the birth of living things), then an upside-down eradicated bush (as plants and my pursuit of belonging), my face (I am wearing over my face a photo of myself when I was 25), a battery-operated “transgenic” rabbit (animal life and my artistic research of the moment), and a skeleton. 

The only words said during the performance were: “Beginning” when I showed the egg, “Middle” when I showed my face, and “End” when the skeleton appeared.

The images of this piece are the photos I took during the performance.

But you had to be there