We are bombarded with information and establish our beliefs on rumours, third or fifth hand hearsay. These beliefs turn to convictions, and to dogmas. Fundamentalisms of all sorts originate from these dogmas, based on wrong interpretations of inaccurate quotes of erroneous definitions of anonymous sources.

All this puts me into a deep state of permanent  doubt. In this performance, I ask a stuffed crow hundreds of questions, such as How did I end up in this hole? Why didn't I think of it before? Are you sure that so-called fundamentalists are more fundamentalist than you? Are there good flies and bad flies? Are you ashamed of something you've done? Have you read your horoscope today? Do you like Roman Signer's work? Did the Palaeolithic come before or after the Neolithic? Have you ever been really scared? Do you think you are free? How free? Do you make lists of things you have to do? Do you kill spiders or gently accompany them outside? How do blind people see their dreams? Where did I put my keys? Did you ever get a Glasgow kiss? Do farts make you laugh? What if it rains?.......

Photographs by Julie-Andrée T.