This installation/performance is about mice and rabbits and power. In the political turmoil and fight for world power, it sometimes feels as if we were living out a science fiction plot in which ethics have no place. And all this is carried out with total apparent ingenuousness: it is all done to “preserve peace and freedom on the planet”. And when things get out of hand, there is always a general or a president that talks to the nation and says: «  All is going according to plan  ». After seeing documentaries and doing some research about what happens behind the scenes, I decided to do some work that deals with the issue: a simulation of a secret military laboratory.

Outside the space is my personal little army, in a “desert” made out of mountains of cinnamon. The “lab” is set up to carry out experiments on rabbits, monkeys and mice (toys) on an operating table in the middle of the space, with bunsen burners, surgical instruments, in dim lighting. The monkeys and rabbits are tortured and the mice are dipped in chocolate to prove my “good intentions”. On the floor, there are images of prison camps, real and science-fiction weapons, mind-control devices, etc. The installation is permanent at the Certosa di San Lorenzo, in Padula, Italy.

But you had to be there.